Most people share their spring ideas before Easter, but I am a little bit behind. But, this simple spring decorating idea is too cute and easy not to share. I surprised myself with my vase filling creativity.


A while back, I picked up two apothecary jars at HomeGoods with owls on the lids. I always see them with birds on top, but never owls. I couldn’t pass these guys up. One of the jars was very tall and skinny. The other was short and squat.


I moved my jute wrapped monogram to the living room mantle for spring, which left an awkward empty space to the right of the canvas photo in the dining room nook. My new apothecary jars seemed like the perfect way to fill the space, but the empty glass just disappeared into the wall behind. I needed to fill them with something.

I opened my party supply cabinet to look for some vase filler options. For the short apothecary jar, I used a bunch of wooden eggs. I think wooden eggs are sophisticated and don’t scream Easter. I think they look nice all spring.


I had a harder time finding something to fill the taller vase. It was a lot of volume to fill. I also wanted something different than what I put in the smaller jar for contrast and interest. I almost gave up, then I spotted a mostly full sheet of moss. I have used sheet moss in the past to make framed moss and line a tray for the Bug Party.

I took the sheet of moss and rolled it up to fit inside the apothecary jar. It was just the right height without cutting. It looks like the jar is full of moss. It’s also a great way to store the moss until I need it for another project.


sheet moss vase filler

To finish off the arrangement in the dining room nook, I moved back in my DIY shabby chic finials. The curvy shapes coordinate with the curves on the apothecary jars. Together the apothecary jars and finials fill out the empty space next to the canvas photo.


I am loving this simple spring look. I am pretty sure there will be more moss-filled jars, vases, etc. in my future. Such a simple, but impactful vase filler.



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5 Responses to Easy Spring Vase Fillers

  1. Love the look of moss. I’ve seen a lot of it lately in terrariums.

  2. Miranda says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you remember the paint color you used on your wall, beautiful!

  3. Sarah says:

    I LOVE the owl apothecary jars! Just this morning I looked at my Easter display on our mantel and wondered how I would change it up for spring, so thanks for the ideas.

  4. Nicole J says:

    I love your mantle – so pretty! I used eggs as vase fillers, too!

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