It is time for a little spring break from my services. Spring is a time for renewal, and my service offering will not be spared from my spring cleaning rampage.

I have been so blessed since my big change. My services are popular…maybe too popular. It is a good problem to have! I never imagined how many people I could help solve their decorating woes. I am living what I love and loving what I do, but I need to make some changes.

Teal & Lime Custom Mood Board Services

Through Wednesday, April 3rd custom mood boards will be available at the current rate. After which, I will take a short hiatus from accepting new clients. I will relaunch my service offering later in April.

I have several goals for the relaunch:

  1. New and Improved Services – Custom Mood Boards will continue to be a staple offering. Additional services may include space planning, whole house color palettes, rush service, and more.
  2. Fair Pay – It feels very selfish to declare this as a goal, but I don’t make enough money to cover the hours I spend on each mood board. I knew that when I started. I wanted to offer an unbeatable price to build my client base and my portfolio. Now that demand has increased, I feel it is time to adjust my rates accordingly. Might help that my poor hubby has begged to have his wife back in the evenings (remember that is part of why I made the change in the first place).
  3. Limiting  – I do not currently cap the number of clients I work with at one time. To make sure every client gets a top quality mood board, I put in a lot of overtime. Without a limit, some weeks (all of them lately) I have to work evenings and weekends to complete all my client work. When I relaunch, I plan to limit the number of clients I accept at a time. This will help me keep balance in my life, but also ensure I have the focus and time to give each client my full attention.
  4. Other Good Stuff – I want Teal & Lime to be more than just mood board services.  The renewed balance and focus will help me spend time on other projects.  I want to continue to offer great free resources like the Favorite Sources series.  I am also dreaming up other ways to spread decorating goodness to the masses.

I am very, very excited about the relaunch and continuing to offer my decorating advice.  Please follow me on Facebook or Twitter to be notified of the relaunch, to stay up to date with new services, and find out about special discounts.

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2 Responses to Service Announcement: Last Chance At This Price

  1. Melissa says:

    This is exciting Jackie! May you have a wonderful “spring break”!

  2. Amy says:

    Good for you for paying yourself more! My husband owns his own landscape design business, and it’s really hard to feel confident about charging what your time is worth. But it’s important!

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