The last time we talked about Pinterest, I revealed one of my secret boards.  I know it is a bit counter-intuitive to pin a bunch of stuff and keep it private, but for some topics I just prefer to create an entire collection of pins before sharing it publicly.  That was the case with the DIY Ideas board.  At the time of reveal, it had over 180 pins of DIY goodness.  Since the reveal the DIY Ideas board has continued to grow and now has over 250 pins.

Today, I’d like to point you to my Blogging board.  This one has always been public, but it deserves a mention here.  For all the bloggers and aspiring bloggers, this board has some great resources.  Pins range from free fonts to blogging tips.


Today I also want to reveal another secret board…ooh.  I have worked on the Branding and Marketing board for a while.  It now has over 50 pins.  It includes inspiring branding boards, tips on branding and marketing, and a few pins on working with brands.


You know the phrase, “the whole is greater than the sum of all the parts”, that is how I feel about this board.  The individual pins are great, and there are some amazing articles in here, but the real value lies in the sum of the resources this board points to.  Sites like Breanna Rose, Braid Creative, IFB, and DesignLoveFest are wells of knowledge on design, branding, and marketing.  So beyond the individual pins, going to these sites will lead you down a rabbit hole of goodness.  There is so much to learn and do when starting a business.  I am starting with this set of 50+ pins.

Please follow me on Pinterest.  There are many other boards to browse and you will be the first to see the next secret board I unveil.



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4 Responses to Blogging & Branding Goodness {Secret Board Reveal}

  1. Done! Need to read up on all this good blogging advice.

  2. Lisa says:

    Thanks Jackie. I’ve been grabbing some of your pins lately about blogging and marketing. Last night I listened to a podcast with the Infarrantly Creative blogger about her blogging story. You should check it out if you get the chance. I have a feeling that you’re doing all the right things, but she may have ideas you haven’t thought of.

    • Jackie says:


      Thanks for the tip. I read Infarrantly Creative, but have not checked out the podcasts. It is on my to do list now!

  3. Erin Bettis says:

    Hi Jackie,

    Thanks for all the wonderful tips.

    – Erin

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