Hooray for garage sales!  Every year my city has a huge garage sale weekend.  Last year I held my own failed garage sale.   This year I decided to just go garage saling with my mom.  I found some AMAZING things.  I kept saying, “If I find nothing else good this will make my day.”  Then I would find something else fabulous at the next sale.

Garage sales and thrift stores are my top source of DIY projects these days.  And, oh boy, did I find some great pieces that need a little DIY work.  I have an incredible vision for the things I found.

Garage sale finds

I was extra excited this year, because I just finished reading Lara Spencer’s “I Brake for Yard Sales”.  She gave some great tips on how to behave at estate sales, among so many other tips on thrifting, garage saling, and shopping at flea markets.  Her finds and their transformations are down right stunning!  I was inspired and ready to find my diamonds in the rough.  And, I think I did.

Our first stop was an out of the way estate sale filled to the brim with treasures.  I snagged a couple of boxes of colored paper and graph/ledger papers for a couple of dollars.  My boys love to color and doodle so I was super happy with this cheap paper find.  I also found this trio of small brass bells.  They don’t seem to be a set, but they have a similar style and etching.


I also picked up this flared vase for $4.  It is a Crate & Barrel vase.


I was drawn into the next garage sale by a beautiful aqua bench that sadly wasn’t for sale.  The ladies hosting the sale were photographers and the bench was a prop they weren’t planning to part with.  Thankfully, they made up for it with these amazing vintage drawers.  I grabbed 5 of them.  They have the coolest knobs.  I may repaint the non-teal ones.  These will be amazing for storage in my studio.


Then, of course, we stopped by a string of those sales that shouldn’t be allowed to call themselves garage sales.  They had bad stuff or tiny selections of stuff we weren’t looking for.  So the hunt continued.

Then, we found the hot spot.  There was one street that just had tons of really great sales.  So great you couldn’t even get up the street to park.  We just picked the nearest section of curb to park and hoofed it to the good sales.

It was on that street that I fell in love…with an end table.  I lost any possible negotiating power, since I was practically caressing this end table.  I am a junky for faux bamboo.  We asked to have a sold sign put on the table immediately.  I whipped out two twenties to pay the $30 price, and they told me everything was half off.  Shut up, seriously, I got this table for $15…still in disbelief!  It was fun to discover that the homeowner is one of my blog readers and has a cute blog of her own, Sunshine on the Inside.  Please got check out Beth’s site.


Up the road we decided to stop in on one last sale before lunch.  This sale had a lot of stuff that was cool and interesting, but not me.  Then the clouds parted and light shined down on a vintage yellow metal tape dispenser…dreamy.  It wasn’t priced, but I didn’t care.  I wanted it.  Turns out they hadn’t priced it because it was missing the piece in the middle to hold the tape.  I didn’t care, I still wanted it.  We agreed on $6…sold!


I am just over the moon about all the great finds from that day!  Have you guys had any great garage sale adventures lately?

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3 Responses to Garage Sale Finds

  1. Lisa says:

    Such cool finds! I am loving those drawers. It will be fun to see what you do with them.

  2. Lauren H says:

    Great finds! Love the vintage drawers and tape dispenser!

    Was recently thinking about spray painting my regular tape dispenser but this one is sooo much better! Oh, and the “tape dispenser replacement core”, as it turns out they are called, can be bought in clear at Staples for about 99 cents (lived with my broken one for years and finally had enough). Silly little things.

  3. Betty819 says:

    Have the old office tape dispenser too. It is so heavy, if a burglar breaks in, I can always use that as a weapon and knock him out! LOL! Wonder if you can purchase a small dowel stick and cut it to fit inside that tape dispenser but hey, 99 cents sounds reasonable to me!

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