I love picture ledges with a layered, collected look.  I mean, if you aren’t going to layer pieces one on top of another, you might as well just skip the ledge and hang them flat on the wall.  Despite my DIY picture ledge only being a mere 3.5″ deep with a 2″ thick gallery wrap canvas as the centerpiece, I still want to create a layered look.


The canvas photo on the family room picture ledge looks a little flat all by itself.  I needed something really thin to layer behind it. Another canvas or frame would be too bulky.  I also wanted something more decorative with a pattern.  And, I wanted it white…to pop off the bamboo wall.

DIY Lattice Screen

I always have a random assortment of craft supplies lying around, either leftover from past projects or from projects I never completed. I had a bunch of these small MDF craft rings just waiting to be used up. I figured they could make a pretty cool screen when arranged together in rows.


I enlisted my boys (5 and 3 years old) to help with this project.  It just seems proper to include them on any project that involves glue, popsicle sticks, and sanding blocks.  More on the popsicle sticks in a moment.


To create the screen, I glued the wreaths together with wood glue where they meet.  We laid them out on wax paper and put a dab of glue where ever a wreath came into contact with another wreath.  A straight edge was handy for getting them lined up straight.  We used painters tape to tape them together while the glue dried.


I wanted this piece to look more like a found piece of lattice.  For the edges, I cut several wreath forms in half and one in quarters to create the outside border.  The boys sanded down the rough edges.  We glued them on the same way.


Once the glue was dry we flipped the entire screen over and removed the wax paper.  The side now facing up was the backside of our screen.  To reinforce the screen we used popsicle sticks glued on the back at each joint.  We cut the popsicle sticks in half and glued them to the wreaths. We used painter’s tape to hold the sticks in place while the glue dried.


I spray painted my creation white.  (It was actually a bit more involved since both cans of white spray paint I had on hand, barely had enough for a coat each.  I painted a final coat with paint and a brush.)

While painting, a couple of the corner pieces fell off (not a lot of contact area for the glue).  I decided I liked it that way.  It enhanced the I-found-this-cool- scrap-of-lattice-and-used-it-for-wall-decor look I was going for.

DIY lattice screen

The wreath forms are about $1 each, so I estimate this project cost about $20. The resulting screen is about 30″ tall by 24″ wide and only about 1/4″ thick. I think that is an incredibly good deal for an easy DIY project that leaves you with a large unique piece of wall decor.

DIY Lattice Screen

The screen adds the perfect extra layer to complete the vignette on the picture ledge. I like the graphic piece layered behind our family portrait.  The white geometric pattern pops against the bamboo and doesn’t cover up our beautiful focal wall.


To complete the arrangement on the photo ledge, for now, I added the ampersand and our Let’s Get Lost print.  I think it still needs something else, but I am not sure what, yet…

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15 Responses to DIY Geometric Lattice Screen

  1. unmitigated me says:

    I would add a little brass or ceramic bird. Love the faux lattice.

  2. CohoesMom5 says:

    I love the look of the latice layered behind the picture.

    I think a small ivy plant trailing off the ledge would look great in front of the lattice.

    Or a very small vase with a flower in front of the latice.

  3. Sara says:

    Is the latice missing a piece at the top right? It does not look finished.

    • Jackie says:

      It is missing a piece, but I like it. I mentioned in the post that it contributes to the “found” look I was after.

  4. I love it! It looks awesome! :)

  5. Love this! And I’m drooling over your entire room. The wood wall is gorgeous!

  6. Diana says:


  7. Dee says:

    I love it all! Love the wall especially and a floating shelf is brilliant. This is by far my favorite site for decorating ideas. Pinning!!!
    The CSI Project

  8. Gwen says:

    As usual! Love it. Like the lattice and the saying on wood too. But your Mom must get a kick out of your blog! As a former first grade teacher, your oldest looks the part of a first grader, no questions asked, doing the project at hand. Concentrating. Peaceful. Your three year old. Can’t believe he’s not a baby baby anymore…has the look of, you want me to do WHAT? And how many?? And brothers doing that? Whew Mom! This is just a lot of circles!!
    Now the scenario probably wasn’t like that at all but this photo should be a gift to Grandmas how helpful their boys are…and for your office to remind you how they DID help!! Kind of a project you’ll treasure a bit more just because of that

  9. Gwen says:

    Oh PS. I like the project you made and am glad that it is missing the piece. If it were so linear, it would look like you’d gone to Lowes and shoved some lattice behind the portrait. But to me, this looks like sculptural art…

  10. Amy says:

    I love the lattice, but I love the pic of your boys even more! Yes, the look in the little one’s face is priceless, I was thinking the exact same thing as Gwen when I saw it. “You want me to do what?” So cute! (And the ledge looks great.)

    • Jackie says:

      Amy, He is in that adorable 3-year old stage where he is looking to his brother and mimicking everything he does. I think he was trying to see how his brother was sanding out of the corner of his eye. This kids has the cutest, most exaggerated facial expressions all the time!

  11. Love it! Stopping by from TT&J. Such a lovely arrangement, love your wall too!

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