First of all, thank you for the awesome response to yesterday’s decorating dilemma.  So many great perspectives to consider.  It looks like navy (Ink Blue) is taking up the lead.  West Elm even weighed in on Twitter and suggested Ink Blue.  I am going to take the suggestion of several readers and drape the sofa in a navy blue blanket for a few days to see how I feel about it.  Isn’t it amazing how changing one element, like the rug ottoman, has a snowball effect on other elements in the room?  Back to the regularly scheduled post…

In addition to the many DIY ideas I share here, I make it a goal to share quality DIY ideas with all of my clients. The Sunshine & Lemonade Screen Porch included some great DIY ideas. I link to relevant DIY ideas in the source lists of all my client mood boards.

But, you don’t have to be a client to see my favorite DIY ideas. A few months ago I revealed my secret board with hundreds of DIY ideas. Since then, I have split my oversized DIY board into several boards, making it easier than ever to find great DIY inspiration.

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DIY Lighting


DIY Wall and Ceiling Treatments


DIY Window Treatments


DIY Storage


DIY Furniture


DIY Art, Mirrors, and Wall Decor


And, the original DIY ideas board remains the catch-all for DIY Decor.

I pin DIY ideas that are beautiful, easy, and/or totally unique.  I carefully choose the DIY ideas I pin to make sure they are quality projects with complete tutorials. I have 45 Pinterest boards, but pin to my DIY boards more than any other. Follow me on Pinterest for a steady flow of DIY ideas.

Have you written a post with a tutorial for a great DIY project that I haven’t pinned yet? I’d love to know about it and add it to my boards. Please leave a link to your post in the comments below. Please understand I will only pin quality DIY projects, with great pictures, and thorough how to information.

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2 Responses to Hundreds of DIY Ideas

  1. Terri says:

    Awesome! Love, love and thank YOU for splitting it out in an organized fashion. I drool organization. Off to have fun and find some DIYs for the weekend. LOL!

  2. Gwen says:

    Yes. I may have to check out DIY easy projects for our family homemade gifts. Thx for posting.
    OBTW on the West Elm velvet or any swatches? My friend wants a dressier living room couch yet family friendly. I thought of my Swatch from WE. I even dropped my retried beans and some salsa on a spot and left it to get a dishcloth damp on a corner, dry on the other. I was amazed. I wiped up the food, rubbed fabric with the dry cloth, no mark at all. There was even nonfat Greek yogurt in that too. So I think your choice of fabric is awesome! I’m trying to convince my sweet young daughter to check out the chesterfield in the teal but she’s afraid of color. Drat!! It is so beautiful. I’m ready to say find another rug for your ottoman after checking site for a friend!!!

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