Happy Friday!  It is finally swim suit season, but I am not talking about that kind of coverup. Although, a quilt as a coverup might be necessary after such a long winter…I do not feel swimsuit ready.

I actually want to share my sofa cover up job. We LOVE the long Andre sofa in our living room, but we have had issues with popped buttons. They are just so easy to snag on clothes when you are sitting down. I fixed two of them myself a while back, but then we popped two others. They were getting on my nerves.

A few popped buttons is not worthy of replacing an entire couch, but I needed to do something about the eyesore. Removing the buttons was not an option, because a large hole would be left in the fabric.

I never imagined I would one day have a quilt tossed over the back of my sofa…the idea seemed so granny to me. Then, as I wandered through HomeGoods one day, this bright teal quilt jumped out at me. I instantly fell for the ogee quilted pattern. This quilt was not granny at all. The solid color made it totally modern. It was only $40 for a queen size quilt.


I played around with a few ways of draping the quilt over the back of the sofa. I ultimately decided on a more permanent look, but still removable for washing. Just draping the folded quilt over the back of the sofa looked unfinished to me and I worried my boys would remove the quilt to make a fort. Instead, folded it in half crosswise and draped it over the back of the sofa, tucking it down behind the console table.


I tucked the other ends of the quilt under the seat cushions. The result is a tight tailored look, but I can still take the quilt off for washing. My boys have not attempted to use this quilt for their blanket forts. The basket of smaller, not tucked in throw blankets near by probably helps.


I am totally crushing on my quilt back sofa…even though in my wildest dreams I did not imagine draping my sofa with a quilt. The color is bold, which I love, but I feared my hubby would not. I decided to see how long it would take him to notice. When he came home he went about his business as usual and I acted like nothing changed. Late in the evening after the boys were in bed, he casually rested his hand on the quilt and said “I like this”. Yay! I threw the quilt packaging and receipt away and plan to live happily ever after with a teal quilt on my partly button-less sofa.

Besides the fact I love the bold pop of color and the subtle quilted pattern, the quilt coverup also solved our button issue. It hides the two that are missing. It prevents us from snagging any of the others. Love it when I can find a pretty solution to my everyday problems!  And, just maybe, this teal sofa solution is allowing me to look towards navy for the family room sectional.

And, while we are looking at the living room, I thought you’d like to see where my teal garden stool ended up.  It is cute here, because you see it when you walk in from the foyer.  It is annoying here, because they boys climb on it to hop over the arm of the sofa…boys will be boys.




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4 Responses to Quilted Coverup

  1. Gwen says:

    From angle of photo I saw the wall, a jug/jar, a dish towel, chevron and more all tying in and drawing my eye to unifying this space, the kitchen, and the room beyond. All from a bedspread quilt!!! I really think it adds to your home! I also like that little touch of color on the sofa table side.
    Side note: as a kid, our long straight hair got pulled out by the buttons on a chair!!! But much to our hairs’ dismay, no luck in getting THOSE buttons to pop….

  2. Diana says:

    That color really makes the room pop, and you can always grab for a movie snuggling night:)

  3. Petra says:

    $40? $40? You’ve got to be kidding – I want to find bargains like you do!!!

    • Jackie says:

      Petra, Oh I hope I don’t make it look too easy. I kept my eye out for a solid quilt for about 6 months before spotting this one.

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