While you’re laying at the beach, watching your kids baseball game, or hanging out at the pool, why don’t you leave the decorating plans to me?

Let me show you how to bring beach living to your kitchen…

Ocean Colors Kitchen Mood Board

Let me figure out how to make your sons dream of a blue and orange bedroom come true…

Stars and Cars Boys Bedroom Mood Board

Let me create that restful and relaxing retreat to come home to…

Relaxing Master Bedroom

With summer upon us, everyone moves to the great outdoors. But the great indoors must not be forgotten. Your home will be waiting for your return in the fall. Don’t put off the decorating. Once fall hits, remember how crazy it gets? The school year starts, the holidays are approaching, everything gets busier. Take advantage of the summer to kick off your decorating dreams.

Because everyone else is at the lake, roasting marshmallows, and catching fireflies, NOW is a great time for you to get decorating. But you don’t have to do anything to get started. You can go to the lake, roast marshmallows, and catch fireflies. Leave the decorating to me.

My boys are off to summer camps in a few weeks and I will have extra availability for decorating clients. I am offering a limited number of Mood Boards and Pin Boards at a deeply discounted rate. Don’t miss this opportunity to have me help decorate your home. Come fall everyone else will be clamoring to get decorating help.

Save $100 on

The Mood Board


Save $50 on

The Pin Board

(while supplies last)

No discount code necessary. The Mood Board and The Pin Board service have been marked on sale in the shop. But HURRY, I can only offer a limited number of services at this rate and I already gave my email subscribers a two-day head-start to reserve their services. Once I sell out, I will resume regular pricing.

I look forward to helping you Make It Home, Make It You!

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7 Responses to Summer Sale – Now is the Time to Decorate

  1. Katy says:

    I love those boards – are those done for clients? (not sure I’ve seen them here before) If so, is there a way to pay to find out where some of the products were sourced from? I particularly love the master retreat – it’s kind of the inverse of my room right now (mine is green walls, green in the bedding, and I’m wanting some more blueish curtains) The accessories are great!


    • Jackie says:

      Katy, Yes, these are all recent client boards…so fresh they have not made it into my portfolio yet. You can purchase The Q&A service to ask me to source specific items (1-2) from the boards. I will validate the item is still available and provide the source, or recommend an alternative if the item is no longer available. I do not resell entire boards. If you are interested in more than 2-3 items on the board, I recommend ordering a custom Pin Board or Mood Board for your space. I would love to help.

      • Katy says:

        Thanks. I’ve been trying to decide if I just want to ask about 1 or 2 things and try to recreate this the best I can or just ask for a whole board myself since my room is kind of like this…kind of not. But this kind of makes me want to paint:) I’ve been avoiding painting since we are in a rental and the color already in our master is rather nice. My wall is green and the bedding green/white and I’m thinking of bluish curtains, so similar to this but opposite in some ways.

        I have several favorite boards of yours, but this made me do an audible “gasp!” because it’s just what I would want.

  2. I like the boy’s room design. It would work perfectly in my son’s room

  3. Melissa G says:

    Hello. So just so I understand. We would have to pay to find out where you got the items listed in the boards? I ask because the other blogs I read always list it as links below the pics they post, so all you have to do is click and you are at the site to purchase…or at least figure out if you can afford to purchase !!

    • Jackie says:

      Melissa, I create all my mood boards custom for specific clients and they receive the complete list of sources. I don’t openly share the sources for client mood boards. If you are interested in specific items from another client’s board, the Q&A service can be used to have me re-source the item. I say re-source, because the item may no longer be available in which case I source an alternative recommendation. I hope you can understand the time I put into sourcing every single item. For readers not interested in hiring me, I share sources to my personal mood boards, the occasional mood board for all, and in favorite sources posts.

      • Melissa G says:

        Oh ok..got it. We only pay if we want to see client’s mood board sources, but not yours. That makes total sense! Thank you for clarifying!!

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