It was a joy to create a custom pin board for the Name Your Board giveaway winner, Robin, who named her board “Sunshine & Lemonade Screen Porch”. With such a great name, I just had to know more and help with this space. As the winner, Robin got my help with her porch in the form of The Pin Board service.

The Pin Board is a great way for me to share all my product recommendations and DIY ideas for a space on a dedicated Pinterest board. My clients get a custom round-up of product recommendations and DIY suggestions specific to their space. They can view, repin, and share the board. In addition, since it’s a public board, all my Pinterest followers can see the board too, meaning they have access to the sources, as well.

Robin already had fantastic patio furniture to start with including two chairs and matching love seat, as well as a dining set for four. Other than that the screen porch was a pretty blank slate. Robin had some great ideas and suggestions to get me started.

The budget for this space was a $1000 or less. In addition to great affordable buys, I included lots of DIYs. I am so excited to share this board with you, because it might inspire a porch or deck makeover of your own.  (Note: Outside the $1000 budget I made a few more suggestions for Robin’s outdoor patio next to the screen porch.)

I focused on bringing the sunshine & lemonade into this daily dining and lounging spot. In addition to the obvious yellows, I brought in some fun turquoise and teal along with lots of bold pattern.


You can view the entire board here.  The comments on each pin contain my suggestions for Robin on how or where to use the product or DIY idea specific to her space. Check it out on Pinterest to view all the details, get the sources, and repin your favorites.

Favorite Ideas

I want to highlight a few favorite ideas from the Sunshine & Lemonade Screen porch.

1. Spruce Up the Patio Furniture

Target has a wide selection of replacement outdoor seat cushions available online. They carry a small selection in store, compared to what they offer online. I recommended Robin swap her love seat and chair cushions for these fun yellow ones.


2. Outdoor Wall Decor

Wall decor for a screen porch is a must.  It should still be outdoor friendly, but won’t be as exposed on a screen porch. Options for outdoor wall decor are limited, but with a little DIY savvy you can create your own. Robin’s board included a DIY wall clock. I also recommended a large ampersand sign. Clocks and ampersands are a few of Robin’s decor idols. For both the clock and ampersand, Robin can coat them with a product like Thompsons WaterSeal to make them more outdoor-friendly.


3. Bring on the Rope

Robin also likes nautical rope, which I included in several places for her porch. First, the rope is a subtle detail on a tray for the coffee table. I included DIY rope handle idea, too. A DIY rope vase is a great accent for the top of the tray. It can be used for a candle, a plant, or flowers. Lastly, to give the porch some evening light, I recommended string lights. To make them even better, I recommended this idea for knotted rope garland suggesting Robin tie a rope knot at the base of each bulb to make lighted knot rope garland.


Tell me what is your favorite element of the Sunshine & Lemonade Screen Porch?

And, don’t miss out on the summer sale and get a Pin Board of your own:


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4 Responses to Sunshine and Lemonade Screen Porch Pin Board Reveal {Full Sources}

  1. Shellie Laird says:

    I love this! I love the idea of outdoor lighting but have never knew how to hang them. We have a huge deck but nothing above it except for a tree on one side.

    • Jackie says:

      Shellie, Could you run hooks along the house and then string the lights over to the tree? They would all meet up at the try, but fan out as they came towards the house.

  2. What a fun theme. My favorite item is the sunny yellow chair cushions

  3. Gwen says:

    Yes I love the cushion redo in yellows but my favorite accents of rope are a favorite. I wouldn’t have thought of it on my own. The can covered in rope in various sizes showing off yard cuttings, the tray to hold them with the rope handle and then the lantern lights that have a ropes feel to them too along with the string of lights. It ties ( no pun intended!) the outdoor space together in a fun new way!

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