Do you know Sarah from An Inviting Home? You should. She is amazing, and I am not just saying that because she inspired me to stop folding my kids play clothes.

I felt a little stalker-ish when I asked to photograph her home. Her amazing coffee bar was featured on Remodelaholic. Naturally, I wanted to see more awesome stuff, so I clicked over to Sarah’s blog and checked out her about page. As soon as I saw mention of Minnesota, I was firing off an email to her asking to come to her house, in true overly-eager, creepy-quick stalker fashion. Sarah suggested we meet for coffee. Wise woman, making sure I am not a creepy stalker.

We met up for coffee and chatted for hours. We discovered lots in common. We have both been married just over 9 years. Both have kids (although my two are nothing compared to her 5). We both love our homes and blogging about how we make it home.

Just like the name suggests, Sarah has created an inviting home! It was so lovely to spend the better part of the day touring and photographing her home. I am blown away by her projects and creativity…all the while raising 5 kids. Let me show you what I love about Sarah’s home.


Her living room is the first room you see when you come in the front door. It is so colorful and welcoming.  Of course, I love the teal bookshelves and her pretty styling.


It was fun to see her DIY striped curtains and painted schoolhouse desk in person!


I was so eager to see this coffee bar! It is even better in person.


Sarah used a projector to help guide the lettering on the chalkboard. With lots of family and friends over all the time, they usually have two pots of coffee going.


Sarah does all her blogging from this fabulous itty bitty desk. I just had to know where she got the thick wood top…it looked like cool reclaimed wood. Nope, it is the extension leaves for her kitchen table. What an amazing idea to use the leaves for an extra work surface, instead of stashing them in storage. It was a perfect fit on top of the file cabinets.


Sarah’s home is sweetly kid-friendly. In the kitchen breakfast nook, she created a gallery to hang their art. They use the large round table for homework, crafts, and meals.


There is so much vintage charm in Sarah’s house.  I love that as they make it home, she isn’t afraid to mix old with new, vintage with modern.  I am sure it looks more charming in pictures, than it might be to actually live with, but I adore Sarah’s kitchen with all the original cabinetry.  It has so much character.  And, a dutch door to the sunroom!


Off the kitchen, is a light-filled sunroom.  I love this space and can only imagine how awesome it is to sit out here year round.


The basement is the family hangout…just look at the comfy sectional big enough for the whole family of 7 to pile on.


Just beyond the family room, they carved out a whimsical play space for the kids.  When remodeling the basement, they built out the playroom under the stairs.  I love the arched doorway and outdoor light.  The playhouse window also doubles as a stage for puppet shows.  Do you see those pom-pom garlands?  So fun.


Upstairs there is a long narrow hallway connecting all of the bedrooms.  Sarah was eager to decorate the long expanse of wall, but with little kids and a narrow space she did not want to hang frames or art along the wall.  Instead, she used a birch tree stencil the whole length of the wall.  It was the perfect solution and livens up this space.


My favorite thing about Sarah’s kids rooms, is the community behind them.  When they moved into this house they had recently adopted 3 kids, in addition to their 2 kids.  Sarah will tell you how all the kids beds were given to them by friends and family.


In the girl’s room, the bedding is Sarah’s childhood bedding.  Her parents saved it all these years.  So sweet that her girls can use the same bedding, and good stripes never go out of style!


Dreamy floral shadows are cast on the master bedroom walls from the Ikea Maskros pendant.  Behind the bed, Sarah covered the window with a shade and then used curtain panels to create a tall headboard effect.


I just had to share this great idea.  Sarah layered these floral screen cutouts (found at the Container Store) behind a framed picture.  Love the extra dose of pattern and texture.


Wasn’t that inviting?!  You know what makes this the most inviting home…it is Sarah and her family.  They are so welcoming, happy, and comfortable to hang out with.  Their home is definitely a reflection of them!  Please stop by and visit Sarah’s blog, An Inviting Home.




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3 Responses to Be Inspired: An Inviting Home

  1. Lisa says:

    What a cozy, kid friendly home. I love all the vintage touches and I want that coffee bar! Thank you for the tour.

  2. Kate says:

    Awesomesauce! I have a stalker-ish dream of meeting Sarah, too. ;-) I love her home and her big family (and how they became a big family). Still trying to come up with a reason that doesn’t sound like I’m stalking her to try and meet her–too bad I don’t have a fun website like yours, lol!

  3. Amy says:

    Beautiful home! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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