I am gearing up to decorate the Christmas tree next week. It is our family tradition to always put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving. This year, I think we are going to put up two trees. Yep, I just want an excuse to decorate a second one!

Looking forward to tree decorating, I always get the itch to add a few new ornaments to the collection. In years past, I have really enjoyed making simple, quick DIY ornaments. Some of my favorites are the DIY faux ceramic animal ornaments, the DIY colorful glass ornaments, and the DIY cookie cutter ornaments.

This year I want to add some gold to the tree. I saw these porcelain ornaments, this gold Sharpie, and recalled this wildly popular Sharpie project I did, and my first Christmas craft project of the year was born.


Do you have 5 minutes, love confetti, and want a simple way to make new ornaments for your tree?! This project is for you.


DIY Confetti Dot Ornament | tealandlime.com

  • Porcelain Ornaments (Michael’s)
  • Gold Sharpie Marker (any office supply or craft store)
  • Hole Reinforcements (any office supply or craft store)

Step by Step:

1.  Cover your ornament with hole reinforcements. I chose a random, confetti-like pattern with more dots toward the bottom of the ornament. Be careful not to cover the hole opening when overlapping the hole reinforcements.
2.  Color inside the hole opening with the gold Sharpie. For best results, color across the hole in one direction.
3.  Remove the hole reinforcements. Be careful not to touch the wet marker, it will smudge.

Note: Although permanent marker is permanent on most surfaces, it can still smudge on porcelain. Handle the ornaments carefully…hang them on the tree and they should be fine.


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8 Responses to DIY Gold Confetti Dot Ornaments

  1. Lisa says:

    So cute! I’ll have to give it a try.

  2. These are adorable! I love the gold dots, and using the hole-punch stickers to make perfect dots is brilliant! Pinning :)

  3. I love this. What a great idea to use the stickers. Your ideas are always so cute – & I love that you’re a fellow MN girl!

  4. Lisa says:

    So pretty!
    Great idea to use hole reinforcement sticks for the dots

  5. These ornaments are so cute – they remind me of Kate Spade designs!

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