Changing out the matching dresser mirror in our bedroom for the smaller, but way more interesting DIY Herringbone Mirror is one of the best decorating decisions I ever made.  But, pulling it off came with one tiny challenge…how to fill up the rest of the wall space above the dresser?!  I came up with a free project that is pretty, personal, and interesting enough to hold it’s own next to the mirror.

How To Style a Dresser

While looking for something else, I came across a bunch of currency my husband saved from his deployment in the Middle East.  While there he spent time in Qatar, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  The currency from these countries are like mini works of art.  They are so detailed and colorful.  I was inspired to turn them into art, which also reminds us of an important time in our life story.  My hubby, then fiancé, was deployed while we planned our wedding.  We planned a wedding in North Carolina, while I was in Virginia and my hubby was somewhere in the Middle East.  Read more about our DIY wedding here.

Easy Art Framed Currency |

All I needed was frames.  Since I am trying to freshen up the master bedroom, I wanted to move away from the black frames we used on the other gallery wall in the room.  In the linen closet, I found 5 floating frames.  The frames are nearly 10 years old, I know because they originally held our wedding photos.  They have been sitting in the linen closet waiting to be used in our current home for over 3 years.  They were the perfect size, but the wrong color…black.

Easy Art Framed Currency |

To get the look I was after, I sanded the face and sides of the frames to the bare wood.  The black dust from the frame got everywhere and some seemed to embed into the wood.  But, I loved the slightly aged look it gave the frames.  I left the inside edge of the frames black.  It was not worth trying to sand in there.  In the end, I am glad I left it black, because it gives them a little added dimension, by creating a shadow effect inside the frames.

For the currency I had more than one off, I framed them in the larger 8×10 frames to show off the front and back.

Easy Art Framed Currency |

Easy Art Framed Currency |

For the ones I only had one of, I chose my favorite side to face out.




Altogether, this is a subtle, yet colorful arrangement.  I love looking at the pretty currency and remembering what it means to us.  Along with the DIY herringbone mirror and stylish dresser decorating, this once plain-jane wall has become a real focal point in our bedroom.

How to Style a Dresser



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9 Responses to Floating Framed Currency

  1. Lisa says:

    I love that you are using more personal momentos in your rooms. That money is gorgeous and so unlike our boring green version.

    • Jackie says:

      Lisa, Thank you. I feel like we focused on so much of the big stuff first after moving in, that now we are really getting down to personalizing our space with our mementos.

  2. Amy says:

    The currency really is beautiful, and they look great in those frames.

  3. mary w. says:

    Oh my gosh, every time I see those three little bottles, I just melt with lust. I want them. In an inappropriate way.

    Also, the currency looks really cool framed that way. Why does every other country have such beautiful money while ours is so blah?

  4. Elisa Staley says:

    I am doing something similar with old windows and using them as picture frames. How did you attach the money to the frames?

    • Jackie says:

      Elisa, These are actual floating picture frames that come with two pieces of glass. The currency is sandwiched between the glass.

  5. Adam says:

    Where is the easiest place to get floating frames like that? And how do you keep the money in place….tape, adhesive or just between glass?

    Thank you so much. It looks awesome

    • Jackie says:

      Most big box stores and craft stores sell floating frames. I did not have to secure the money in anyway, just sandwiched it between the panes of glass.

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