Have you looked at x-bench prices? Most of them are crazy high. Especially when considering they are accent furniture, only to be occasionally used. I am certainly not the first to look for a cheaper alternative. Looking for an easy, affordable x-bench stand-in, I came up with this simple semi-DIY project.

Easy X Bench Makeover | tealandlime.com

I wanted a pair of x-benches to go under the sofa table in our living room. First of all, because leaving the space under a console empty is one of the top 10 interior styling mistakes to avoid. Benches and ottomans are a great way to fill the space. Second, since we rarely do anything around here just for looks, I wanted extra seating stashed under the sofa table. These stools can be pulled out for extra seating in the living room or even at the kitchen table in a pinch. My boys love occasionally having dinner and a movie, where they get to sit on these benches and their dinner is served on the sofa table with a perfect view of the big TV.

Easy X Bench Makeover | tealandlime.com

I love the shape of these x-benches with curvy legs and the price, about $80 each, is relatively good. However, we are over faux dark leather furniture. We wanted something with a little more personality and a higher-end look.

To recover the benches, I found these super soft tone-on-tone chenille accent rugs. They are just big enough to recover the seats, right over the faux leather. In under 30 minutes, I had both stools recovered.

How to Recover a Bench with an Accent Rug

  1. Remove the base from the seat by unscrewing it from underneath. How to Recover an X-Bench with a Rug
  2. Lay the rug right side down with the bench seat right side down on the top of it. How to Recover an X-Bench with a Rug
  3. Staple the center of all four sides around the seat first. How to Recover an X-Bench with a Rug
  4. Then, work out to the corners, stapling every inch.
  5. Once the ends are securely stapled, trim the excess rug off.  I only had to trim the two short ends. How to Recover an X-Bench with a Rug
  6. Use the method detailed here to upholster the corners and cut as much bulk out of the corners as possible. How to Recover an X-Bench with a Rug
  7. Reattach the base.

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the look and function of these benches (seen with our everyday styling below). The chenille “fabric” is thick and soft for a durable, luxurious feel. The curvy pair of x legs look fabulous next to each other. These benches are perfect for my little guys, but also wide enough to comfortably seat an adult.


We had a house full of guests for dinner Saturday night. When everyone retired to the living room after eating, I found myself without a seat on the long couch, or the accent chairs, or the wing back. I was happy to pull out one of these stools and sit at the sofa table and still be part of the action.

It seems like covering ottomans with rugs is my new thing.  And, with good reason.  This DIY rug ottoman in our family room is one of my favorite DIYs of all time and is holding up beautifully.

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7 Responses to Semi-DIY X-Benches

  1. Anne-Marie says:

    Using accent rugs to recover seats – LOVE IT! I’ll have to remember this tip….

  2. Diana says:

    Recovering with rugs could become your new trademark!:) looks great. Love the thinking outside of the box.

  3. courtney says:

    o my gosh you used a rug? that’s genius, i never would have thought of it! love it-thanks for the great tip!!

    -courtney :)

  4. Roni Faida says:

    It’s posts like these that make me love DIY. A rug! That is brilliant. I have a couple of small rugs that I can do that with, I’m totally excited. Thanks so much.

  5. Rachel says:

    I just recovered a bench this weekend and it made a world of difference in the feel of the room. I completely agree with the rule about empty space under a console table. It looks SOOO much better with something underneath it!


  6. Angie says:

    Love it! Where did you get your sofa table from?

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