My favorite way to wrap gifts is with love….awww! But seriously, my favorite gift wrap is kraft paper and my favorite embellishment is baker’s twine (I have a jar full of it).

Today, I want to share with you my favorite way to tie up a brown paper package for a cute, easy to open gift.

I used to tie up my packages so the string crisscrossed in the center, but they were notoriously difficult to open without scissors. The last thing you want is the recipient cursing under their breath about how difficult your now-not-so-cute packaging is to open.

The solution is easy. Tie up your packages with an easy to slip off wrap. You still get the cute baker’s twine look and a dainty bow, but your recipient won’t get frustrated opening your lovely gift.

how to tie a gift with Baker's Twine |

Start with a length of baker’s twine at least 5 times the length of your package, more if your package is super deep.

Lay the center of your string over one corner of the package diagonally.

how to tie a gift with Baker's Twine

Pull the tails of your string under the package wrapping under the two adjacent corners. This is what it will look like on the underside:

how to tie a gift with Baker's Twine

Now pull the two tails up to the top of the package over the opposite corner from where you started.

how to tie a gift with Baker's Twine

First, I like to tie a secure knot where the tails meet.

Then, I make a cute bow.

how to tie a gift with Baker's Twine

There is plenty of space on the face of the gift to add a cute gift tag or doodle a sweet message.

That’s it. It takes longer to write out than to do.

This simple string wrap is pretty easy to slip off one of the corners, no scissors required. You can also use ribbon the same way.  Want to get fancy?  Use two different colors of baker’s twine together.

4 Responses to Easy to Tie, Easy to Open Brown Paper Packages

  1. Emily Counts says:

    I love love love wrapping with brown kraft paper! It gives you a pretty, blank canvas to embellish and personalize. I love your blog by the way!

  2. Michelle O says:

    LOVE IT!
    Is that a sugar dispenser that you have your bakers twine in? ingenious!!

    • Jackie says:

      Michelle, Yes! It is so great for the baker’s twine. I use a creamer style one with one larger opening for jute twine :)

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