This one of the prettiest things I have done in a long time. I like to think I do lots of pretty things. But this is pretty in its simplest, most natural, crafty form. This is my favorite type of pretty.

Yarn Wrapped Pinecone Garland |

After getting a small start on holiday decorating with the bells on the door, I moved on to a bigger idea.  But, still a simple one.  I am focusing on holiday decorating projects that make me feel successful this year.  You know, the ones that you feel good about the time you spent on them, that make you smile, and that are totally do-able.

Yarn Wrapped Pinecone Garland |

I think it has been almost 20 years since I planted three small saplings in my parent’s backyard.  They were the little trees they give out on Earth day.  The first year, they almost got eaten by rabbits and my parents had to put cages around them.  As you might imagine the trees are huge now.  And, the pine tree makes huge pinecones.  My mom harvested a trash bag full of them for me this year.  I knew I could do something amazing with them.

Yarn Wrapped Pinecone Garland |

And, something amazing I did.  I carefully wrapped each pinecone with yarn, also donated to this project by my mom.  After wrapping the first pinecone and seeing the gorgeous result, I was hooked.  I actually found it quite therapeutic to sit and wrap pinecones.  I enjoyed working with my hands while my mind wandered.  In no time at all, I had a pile of yarn wrapped pinecones in my five chosen colors.

Yarn Wrapped Pinecone Garland |

As beautiful as they looked heaped in a pile, and as useful as they were for styling this photo shoot, I had bigger plans for my pinecones.  I wanted colorful pinecones dangling from the banister.  The vision in my head was pure perfection, a feat I hoped I could pull off in real life.

Pinhole Press Accordion Holiday Card

I started by attaching my favorite faux garland, that I have had for over 8 years, to the banister.  I just tied it on with a few lengths of yarn.  Then, I began hanging my pinecones from their colorful tails.  I tied them each to the backbone of the garland, staggering them as I went.

Yarn Wrapped Pinecone Garland |

I love the colorful pinecones dripping from the garland greeting all the guests that walk through our front door.  So simple.  So beautiful.  Kind of has me itching to yarn-bomb other things in my house.



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14 Responses to Easy Yarn Wrapped Pinecone Garland

  1. Kathleen Owen says:

    I like the way the pine cones turned out.

  2. Jessica Lundgren says:

    Oh my gosh!! I love, love these! Trying to think of where I can find some pinecones now. :) Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Jessica Lundgren says:

      PS…did you stretch them out or were they just long shaped like that naturally?

      • Jackie says:

        Jessica, This is how they are naturally. The openness of these pinecones made it easier to wrap, but I had to wrap quite a bit to fill them up!

    • Jackie says:

      The craft store has them but they are usually scented. A local florist or garden shop is probably the best source, if you don’t have a pinecone harvesting mom :)

  3. Amy says:

    “Yarn bomb” has me laughing. And they’re so pretty!

  4. Jackie B says:

    Great idea! I love how this looks and it seems like a nice project to do with kids too!

    • Jackie says:

      Jackie, The boys did help…but their pinecones did not turn out quite as neat. Ha…they looked more like a tangled ball of yarn with a pinecone inside. But, they still felt like they were helping :)

  5. Gwen says:

    Please thank your Mom for me. I love pinecones!!! I went to a privately owned retreat in the Sequoia or is it King National Forest–right by the GIANT redwoods called Sequoias– but the trees on this private land had the BEST long pinecones!! We gals were gathering while the guys fished. But it’s illegal to gather pinecones in the mountains!!! And gather rocks!!! So I have pinecone envy. I literally insisted my hubby pick up some awfully lame pinecones in the parking lot of my neuro-PT (he was not too excited!) so I must say, I have pinecone envy here–not coveting–just really glad you have them but I kinda think just maybe by now your mom might be wishing YOU had these pinecones to pick up in your nice big yard now?!!! But I’m also impressed with the garland as its so very very real looking. Well worth that investment!!! Looks festive!!!

  6. Michelle says:

    Really pretty Jackie. If there wasn’t so much snow on the ground I’d be out back searching for pinecones dropped by the trees in our neighbor’s yard!

  7. Diana says:

    What a great idea! A pretty:)

  8. Jess. says:

    These are so beautiful. I love them. Thank you & thank your mom! I know the yarn was leftover, but do you know what brand it was? I love those colors. Happy New Year! xox

    • Jackie says:

      Thanks Jess. I do not know the brand of yarn. I am sure they were from several different brands. Happy New Year to you too!

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