This will be so much fun!  I am teaming up with Wayfair to help you source the furniture and home decor you need to recreate your dream rooms at home!


A few months ago I started contributing to the Wayfair blog with posts like Decorating With Trays in Every Room and How to Use Storage Crates in Your Home.  Wayfair is dedicated in so many ways to improving your home shopping experience and providing you high quality inspiration.  It is an honor to work with them.

The Wayfair Inspiration Gallery is just one of the ways they are making your shopping experience better.  It is a treasure trove of inspiring rooms.  But, beyond inspiration the rooms are shoppable!  They have taken the leap from inspiration to action by allowing you to click on items in the room to see similar recommendations from the Wayfair collection.


You can search the inspiration gallery by style, space, location, and/or designer.  You can also click the little paperclip icon to clip (save) your favorite photos all in one spot.

Introducing #wayfairthisroom

In an exciting new series, I am teaming up with Wayfair to contribute to the Inspiration Gallery.  But, here is the really fun part…I need your help!  What inspiration rooms do you want sourced?

Have a dream room you want to recreate at home?  Want help sourcing furniture to recreate a designer look?  Here is your chance.  Share your inspiration rooms and each month I will choose one to source.  With “a zillion things home”, Wayfair is the ideal source for recreating your favorite inspiration rooms.

How Does It Work?

  1. Tag rooms that inspire you with #wayfairthisroom on Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter.
  2. I will choose one room per month to recreate with Wayfair.
  3. I will feature the room and Wayfair product recommendations to recreate the look right here on Teal & Lime.  The room will also be added to the shoppable Wayfair inspiration gallery.

Here is an example from the Wayfair Inspiration Gallery:

wayfair-inspiration-gallery-example Fremont Modern

And, using the same example, here is what you can expect to see when I share a sourced room here on Teal & Lime.  I love a good graphic, so I will show you the room and my top picks from Wayfair to recreate the look, along with direct links to the product pages.


Then, we will get the room into the Inspiration Gallery, where you will be able to click on selected items and see several options to recreate the look at a range of price points.

Tips for Sharing Inspiration Rooms

  1. Don’t forget to tag them with #wayfairthisroom
  2. Share rooms that inspire you from anywhere…designers, decorators, or your favorite bloggers.
  3. Make sure to pin or link to the original source.  Unfortunately, we can’t source rooms that are not properly credited back to the designer, decorator, or blogger.
  4. I can only source what I see, so share the best photo of the room you can find, or even better share a few different angles of the same space.
  5. We want to use this social experiment to expand the inspiration gallery with new rooms that inspire you.  Before submitting a room, you can do a quick search in the inspiration gallery to see if the room is already there.

I look forward to seeing all your dream rooms and to help source them room by room!  Share and tag your rooms with #wayfairthisroom on Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.  I will be back to share the first room in January!

Disclosure: This post and series are sponsored by Wayfair.  All product selections and opinions in this post are my own.

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One Response to Sourcing Rooms that Inspire You

  1. Very cool idea, Jackie! I’ll definitely be clipping and sharing some of my favorite inspiration. Love that you + Wayfair can help me pull it together :)

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