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You know that amazing feeling when a craft project turns out better then you expected?  So good in fact you can’t stop working on it…like all day?  And, then you do it again the next day with the kids?  This is one of those projects.

The possibilities are endless.  What started out as a simple idea to make faux agate slice ornaments, turned into 101 different ornament ideas.  And, new ideas keep coming.  And, the project is so fun, we keep pulling out the supplies to make more!

DIY Ornaments made with Laminator Pouches and Sharpie Markers |

Sometimes the simplest projects turn out the best.  All you need for these laminate pouch ornaments is Sharpie markers and laminating pouches.  The laminator is even optional, because you could use a press cloth and iron to seal the pouches.

Laminated Ornaments with Sharpie Markers |

If you don’t already have a collection of colorful Sharpies, Staples can help.  They have amazing deals on Sharpie multi packs this season.  I bought a 12ct Assorted Color Multipack for $6!  The four pack of Metallic Sharpies and four pack of Neon Sharpies were only $5 each!

Laminated Ornaments with Sharpie Markers |

For all of the projects below, it is basically a two step process.

  1. Draw inside the laminate pouch with Sharpie Permanent Markers.
  2. Laminate the pouch.
  3. Optional: Add a photo or fabric inside the pouch before laminating.

With so many colors to choose from, making the faux agate slices was a cinch.  I started by drawing a metallic circle inside the laminate pouch.  I colored it in with concentric monochromatic rings.  For realistic looking agate slices, I varied the thickness of the rings.  Then, I ran the laminate pouch through my laminator and magic happened!  The pouch turns clear and my doodled agates came out the other end bright and luminous.  I punched a hole in the top and added a loop of bakers twine for hanging.

Laminated Ornaments with Sharpie Markers |

Laminated Ornaments with Sharpie Markers |

And, that was just the start.  My sister and I spent the next few hours doodling with Sharpies!

One of my favorite ideas is the picture frame ornaments.  I drew frames around a few pictures inside the pouch before laminating.  I even wrote the year.  It was so cool I got out pictures from years past to immortalize as ornaments.

Laminated Photo Frame Ornaments with Sharpie Markers |


Then, we set our sights on laminating fabric to make gift tags.  It worked best with lightweight fabrics.  We laminated the fabric inside the pouch and then used metallic Sharpie markers to write on top of the tags.

Laminated Fabric Gift Tags  with Sharpie Markers |

I even made some cute animal shaped ones for the boys, by cutting out animals from printed fabric.

Laminated Fabric Gift Tags with Sharpie Markers |

The next day, I let the boys take the Sharpie markerss for a spin, making their own ornaments.  They loved it!  I dazzled them by tracing some of their favorite characters onto the pouches and turning them into ornaments.

I loved using the small laminate pouches that fit 2-3 designs each.  A larger sheet might feel overwhelming to fill before getting to the fun part of seeing the finished product.

This is definitely a project that will go into our snowy and rainy day arsenal of ideas.  I see labels, window clings, and more photo frames in our future!

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10 Responses to Laminating Pouch Ornaments with Sharpie Markers

  1. What a great idea. I am always trying to figure out how to decorate for Christmas in a more unique way each year. It seems that tinsel and icicle lights don’t cut it anymore for me so to have custom made ornaments seems like my new “idea” this year (like it was my own, lol).

    I’ve never seen the metallic sharpies, I’ll have to check out Office Max and see if there are any there (no Staples near me).

    Anyways, great idea, long time reader – love your site, it looks very “sharp” – ha, pun very intended.

  2. Neyir says:

    I love this idea!!!! I have all the supplies, I think I may have to add this to our advent calendar activities.

    I remember hearing a few years ago that ultrasound pictures cannot be laminated – the heat turns the whole pic black. Just thought of it when you were talking about the photo ornaments(love that idea too!)

    • Jackie says:

      Neyir, This would make a great advent activity. It takes very little time, other than how long you want to spend coloring :) Good tip about the ultrasound photos to avoid laminating.

  3. Those agate slice ornaments are AMAZING. This year I became obsessed with making agate slice ornaments, but the real things were too expensive for me. I tried to brainstorm ways to DIY them, but I didn’t come up with anything as brilliant as this! You are so creative! I ADORE these :)

    • Jackie says:

      Thanks, Brynne! I too have spent months dreaming up the perfect way to make faux agate slices, so when this opportunity for Sharpie came along…I jumped for joy! Thanks so much for the comment and for sharing this project on Twitter!!

  4. Danielle says:

    I’m busting out the laminator and sharpies tomorrow! These are so going to be my present tags for loved ones this year.

    • Jackie says:

      Danielle, Yay! It is so much fun and kind of addicting. I just made a few more ornaments tonight for my kid’s teachers.

  5. What a gorgeous project. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of pouch ornaments before.

  6. Jamie says:

    Wow, this is amazing! I love how creative and original it is. I gotta try it ;)

  7. Lisa says:

    These are so cute. I love the agate ornaments.

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