Our pirate playroom is coming along. The boys have fully embraced playing in the space, thanks to us moving all their legos in (and banning them from returning to the rest of the house). Those little suckers hurt when you step on them. Now we only have to risk it when we are on our way to the home gym, but we are usually wearing tennis shoes.

As far as the boys are concerned the playroom is done…it has toys, that is all they need.  For mama, that means it is time to make it pretty.  Can I call a pirate playroom pretty?  Anyway, it is time for the fun stuff, like art and wall decor.

Pirate Playroom by tealandlime.com

The whale and pirate ship mural filled up a big chunk of wall space, but there were a few areas that needed a little something more.  One of them, above the daybed (aka reading corner), just got some fancy new mirrors.  And by fancy I mean, DIY mirrors I made in under 5 minutes flat.

Head on over to Makely School for Girls to see how I made this set of DIY Driftwood Mirrors for under $40!

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4 Responses to 5-Minute DIY Driftwood Mirrors

  1. Kristy says:

    Link didn’t work. Says page does not exist

  2. This whole room is turning out to be just incredible! Thanks for posting with me today.

  3. Super cool idea, Jackie! Heading over to Makely to see how you did it :)

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