Happy Valentine’s Day!  I can’t think of anything more fitting to share on this day than a gorgeous pink entryway.  This stunning eclectic space was my muse for this month’s #wayfairthisroom.


This beautiful entryway was created by Emily from Recently with mostly second hand finds, but it looks like a high-end space. I thought it would be fun to recreate this look from Wayfair’s collection. To make it even more fun, I decided to do a high and low version, proving just like the original inspiration you don’t have to spend big bucks to make a pretty space.

The key elements I focused on for this space were the bench with basket storage underneath, the fushcia throw blanket, graphic pillows, oriental rug, octagonal mirror, and the pharmacy floor lamp.

In the high version, the nailhead upholstered bench and rattan mirror steal the show.  But this look is really a mix of high and low, because some of the pillows and the rug are actually really affordable.

How to Recreate this Beautiful Entryway with #WayfairThisRoom | tealandlime.com

Pharmacy Lamp | Black Suzani Pillow, Pink Pillow, Dotted Pillow | Mirror | Bench | Rug | Cashmere Throw

In the low version, coming in at less than half the price, the bench and mirror are more under-stated, but the graphic pillows compensate for that.  I also skipped the rug in favor of storage baskets for under the bench.

How to Recreate this Beautiful Entryway with #WayfairThisRoom | tealandlime.com

Pharmacy Lamp | Black Suzani Pillow, Coral Lattice Pillow, Ikat Pillow | Mirror | Bench | Hyacinth Baskets | Throw

I love doing high and lows, because it really helps show where you should splurge on certain items and where to save on others.

So, what would you splurge on in this space?  I am a sucker for a great mirror and a great lamp.

Pin rooms with #wayfairthisroom and Teal & Lime will show you how to recreate one room per month with Wayfair products | tealandlime.com

Tell me which room to recreate next!  Share rooms that inspire you on Pinterest with #wayfairthisoom in the description.  And, because we have had some issues with Pinterest losing hashtags, please come back here and share the link to your pin.  I will share one #wayfairthisoom per month from reader submitted rooms.

Disclosure: Wayfair compensated for my time to create this design based on the inspiration room.  Choice of the inspiration room, featured products, and all opinions in this post are mine.



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2 Responses to Wayfair This Room: Posh Pink Eclectic Entryway

  1. Madison says:

    Love this idea! I will have to send some of my favorite room ideas!
    Thanks for sharing this with us (:

    • Jackie says:

      Madison, Thank you. Please remember to come back here and share the link to your pins. I am on the look out for a great room to tackle in March.

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