I hear it over and over again…

  • It doesn’t feel finished
  • I don’t know how to pull a room together
  • Something is missing
  • I can’t put my finger on it
  • It just feels off

Here’s the thing, you probably aren’t missing anything.

You just don’t know how to use what you’ve already got.

Most people can figure out the furniture placement. But the decorating…arranging objects, pictures, even books…freaks them out. Moving so many little things around seems overwhelming.

So you either end up with bare shelves and a general “renter” vibe or you settle squarely into clutter-ville.

What you are missing is some simple, but rarely talked about, decorating know-how.

It’s called interior styling.

It’s all about how you group, arrange, and display your decor which makes a room feel finished, pulled together, and right on.

I first shared my personal interior styling experiments in a 31 day series last fall. The lessons I learned during that series have helped me effortlessly decorate again and again.

Now, I want to share with you the guidelines I learned from interior styling that make decorating fun and easy.

I am hosting a FREE WEBINAR next week called 7 Simple Styling Secrets to Decorate Better With What You Already Have.

Free Webinar: How to Decorate Better With What You Already Have

Join me next week for this free training.

This training is an exclusive perk for my email subscribers.  Not on my list? Click here to sign up and register for the webinar. I will email you the training details and see you live next week!

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5 Responses to 7 Simple Styling Secrets to Decorate Better With What You Already Have

  1. Thuy says:

    Sorry to miss this webinar next week Jackie!! Having been to several of your webinars, I am sorry to miss a fantastic webinar!

    • Jackie says:

      Thuy, I am bummed you can’t make it. I am really proud of this one. I will do my best to share it again at another time.

  2. […] trays is on super obsession high alert mode thanks to a webinar I watched last week from my friend Jackie, so this bowl caught my eye […]

  3. Julie Spear says:

    Do you think you will re-air this webinar anytime soon? I was signed up, then missed it, because my kids came over to surprize me for my birthday celebration #Ihavethesweetest3sonsEVER! I …was bummed to miss this, I was really looking forward to having this much needed styling knowledge in my life!! just curious.

    • Jackie says:

      Julie, So sweet of your boys. I know you are in the School of Decorating group, so don’t worry you will be first to know when this training re-airs.

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